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TV meerkat launches dictionary campaign
Updated: 2009-08-22 09:59

TV meerkat launches dictionary campaign

Fans of TV meerkat Aleksandr Orlov are campaigning for his "Simples!" catchphrase to enter the dictionary.

The Russian character has used the word repeatedly in adverts for car insurance website Compare The Market since January, picking up an army of supporters in the process.

Orlov has now encouraged his Facebook friends to sign a petition to get "Simples!" in the Oxford English Dictionary. So far, more than 2,500 people have backed his efforts.

Explaining his crusade in an online update to fans, Orlov said: "When I play [my friend] Sergei at Scrabble he say 'Simples!' is not real word and not even in Dictionary of English Oxford.

"So after kind suggestions from my friends on The Facebook I decide to start petition for put it in Dictionary of English Oxford. If you agree that 'Simples!' should be recognise as real word please sign petition. Together we can beat Sergei! (sic)"

He added: "'Simples!' is simplesly mean that something is extreme easy to understand or enormous uncomplicated. Simples! (sic)"

Orlov was recently tipped to release a Christmas single this year.