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Men 'spend a year ogling women'
Updated: 2009-08-05 15:42

Men 'spend a year ogling women'

Men spend nearly a year of their lives ogling members of the opposite sex, a new poll has found.

Research carried out by Kodak Lens Vision centres discovered that the typical male will stare at ten different women for around 43 minutes in an average day, adding up to almost 11 days each year.

Meanwhile, it has been claimed that women generally spend 20 minutes per day eyeing up six men.

Kodak spokesman Mark Ireland commented: "Men are renowned for looking at women but it's interesting to find out exactly how long they spend eyeing girls up. A year of their life is a long time to spend with their eyes fixed on the opposite sex.

"However, men have their work cut out if they are going to impress a woman as they spend half the amount of time gazing at guys."

The study also suggested that men prefer to spot females at supermarkets, while women wait until they are inside pubs and bars.