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Yogo juice
By David Evans (
Updated: 2009-06-05 17:07

Yogo juice

With Shanghai covered in KFCs, MacDonalds and restaurants serving MSG and “E numbers” as if they were going out of fashion, people, especially the young, are starting to look for ways to take better care of their bodies. As such, the number of Yoga and dance classes in the city has exploded over recent years, but the F&B industry has struggled to keep pace. But now things are starting to change.

One company trying to tap into this market is the Canadian joint venture, Yogo Juice. It serves extremely healthy drinks, mainly smoothies and juices, along with some sandwiches and a few low fat treats, and it has recently started to spread around the city.

Having been out the night before with some friends consuming more alcohol than I should have, I woke up the next day feeling a little worse for wear, so I was looking forward to a detox as I headed down to the Yogo Juice bar on Xingeng Road, between Xujiahui and the Indoor Stadium.

The first drink I tried was a very nice, 99% fat free “skinny fruit smoothie” called Mango gogo (28/32RMB). Then I had a “low fat creamy smoothie” called Yogo loco (28/32RMB) made of dark cocoa and bananas, which is the closest thing to a chocolate drink you will find on the menu. My personal favorite came from the “super power section” of the menu: the raspberry and strawberry Acai energizer (35/39RMB) and a Wheatgrass wonder (32/36RMB).

Yogo juice

For those not familiar with wheatgrass, it is made from the young grass of the common wheat plant. It is supposedly good for a whole range of aliments from detoxifying heavy metals in the bloodstream to a cure for constipation. Unfortunately, as with too many things that are very good for you, it had somewhat of an acquired taste even in its watered-down smoothie form. For those hardcore fitness freaks among you, it is available in a 2oz shot (16RMB).

While I was happily guzzling down the juices, I was also presented with an array of different sandwiches and a panini. There was the slightly spicy Genovese chicken panini (32RMB), a brie and turkey combo that was the Veneto turkey panini (32RMB), the overpowering salami cheese panini (32RMB), the slightly plain chicken Caesar wrap (28RMB), the fantastic tuna wrap (28RMB), and finally, the very nice brown bread tuna sandwich (28RMB) After finishing off the river of juices and mountain of food, I had a healthy Greek yogurt (16RMB) and a nice Low fat cheese cake (19RMB).

The excellent selection of health drinks is the mainstay of Yogo juice, however their sandwiches are also worth a try. If you’re looking for a light meal or a healthy snack, then this is a good opinion. The prices for food and drink are comparable to Starbucks, but it’s much healthier, nowhere near as commercial and much better for a hangover. Also, for those who live within 15 minutes walking distance of any of the branches, they also offer a free delivery service. 

Location(s) A Tower No77 Xingeng Road, Shanghai//上海徐汇区辛耕路77号A单元 Tel: (86 21) 33686607 Shanghai, 31
Service quality: very good

Food quality: very good
Price per head (RMB): less than 100
Environment: very good
Feature dish or menu: Wheatgrass wonder Acai energizer Tuna sandwich