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Stumbling blogs
By Mu Qian (China Daily)
Updated: 2009-04-14 09:29
Stumbling blogs

Although more than 100 million Chinese people have blogs, Wang Xiaofeng, one of the most famous Chinese bloggers of all, claims this will become less and less popular in the next few years.

Wang bases his conclusion on the fact the blogs are no longer a novelty and the lack of profit-making opportunities on blog websites.

"A blog is not commercially valuable. It is just a place for graffiti," he says.

Wang started his first blog in 2004, when it was becoming popular in China thanks to Muzi Mei, a young woman who made herself famous by writing a blog about her various sexual experiences.

Like most Chinese bloggers, Wang tried several websites but was not satisfied with their service and censorship and opened his independent blog in May 2006.

With his humorous, sometimes cynical comments on pop culture and Chinese society, Wang's blog is now one of the most visited independent blogs in China, with an average of 35,000 daily hits. Together with RSS (Really Simple Syndication), he estimates that about 60,000 people read his blog every day.

His blog gets even more readers than many magazines but Wang says only one company has so far paid to advertise on his site.

"The content and readers of blogs are very mixed, so it is hard to achieve a good advertising effect. That's OK for me. I don't want my blog to become commercial and a burden for me," says Wang, who is a full-time journalist at the Sanlian Life Weekly.

If bloggers are not concerned about their commercial value, it is vital for the websites. After five or six years, some of the first ones are bankrupt or shifting direction.

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