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Australian lets sparks fly with "elec-trickery"
Updated: 2008-12-24 16:01

Australian lets sparks fly with

Australian lets sparks fly with

SYDNEY – While most men are happy tinkering with their cars, Australian Peter Terren likes to create half a million volts of electricity, just for fun.

Terren, from Bunbury in Western Australia, is a medical doctor who gets his zaps from producing and playing with electricity, creating spectacular shows in his backyard which he calls "elec-trickery."

Terren uses 500,000 volts at a time, conducting it between anything metal - including a cage with him inside it. He also uses a homemade coil which acts as a giant lightning machine, creating long bolts into the night sky.

"This all started when I was a child. I built my first radio at the age of 12 and I've sort of gradually built up from there," he told Australian media.

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