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Doing justice to nature with a 'point-and-shoot'
By Alan Simon (China Daily)
Updated: 2008-09-26 10:10

Doing justice to nature with a 'point-and-shoot'

The Zhangjiajie region is heaven-sent for photographers and returning home without an album's worth of pictures is akin to being seated at a feast and opting not to dine.

How to do justice to this masterpiece of nature with a "point-and-shoot"? This daunting task would prove to be an enlightening experience.

The Tourism Festival moved directly from its opening ceremony to a Picture and Photography Exhibition, lined with images so far beyond what most people could hope to achieve that they could fairly be called works of art.

Where better than to seek advice on achieve great landscape photographs.

Within a few minutes, I was told two of the exhibition's acclaimed artists were in the building and on their way.

Their words of wisdom might be heeded by all those who value photos as essential souvenirs of their travels.

The bearded Sun Jianhua, 46, was first to appear. This quietly-spoken man is also a painter, which naturally gives him an insight into picture construction and how to best use color.

Both of Sun's exhibited photos were rich in color and fine in detail. It also turned out they were both shot with transparency film producing slides not prints.

He beamed with pride at being included in his hometown's festival and was especially pleased with the first of his exhibits, a mountain scene in the National Forest Park.

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