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Couple sues studio over 'harmful' wedding photos
(China Daily)
Updated: 2008-09-23 08:49

A Shanghai couple has received 12,500 yuan from a photography studio that printed the words "no freedom no future" on their bridal pictures.

A local resident surnamed Huang and his wife had their pictures taken last October to celebrate their marriage. But the picture album, presented on their wedding day, included photographs with the negative words printed on them.

Huang believed this had ruined the happy atmosphere of their wedding day, causing spiritual damage to the newly weds.

The couple sued the studio for 50,000 yuan. The studio explained the words were merely pointing out that some freedoms are lost with marriage and meant no ill will to the marriage.

After mediation at the Chongming District People's Court, the couple withdrew their lawsuit when the studio agreed to pay one-quarter of their asking amount.

(Xinmin Evening News)