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Captain’s grandma dies after boat crash

2010-09-09 14:11

The grandmother of the arrested Chinese fishing boat captain - 41-year-old Zhan Qixiong - died on Tuesday after hearing of the collision of her grandson’s boat, the local Qilu Evening Newspaper in East China’s Shandong province reported on Thursday.

"She was just so much worried about him," the captain’s mother told reporters.

 “My son calls me every time he goes to sea, but he did not do it this time on Tuesday. And soon, we were notified that he was arrested by the Japanese,” Zhan’s mother said.

Zhan's mother is now waiting in front of the TV and telephones all day in hopes of getting the news of her son’s release.

Two Japan Coast Guard patrol boats and the Chinese fishing boat collided in waters off the Diaoyu Islands on Tuesday.

Zhan was then taken to Ishigaki Island in Japan's Okinawa Prefecture.

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