Cao Ming wrote: 1 h ago

Gabriele Scheler's case of campus atrocity on me case in Stanford was originally clarified by police investigation. She didn't raise the issue again after two years when a malicious legal officier came into power. Her false accusation of sexual assault on me was collateralled by that malicious offic ... View All

Cao Ming wrote: 2 h ago

It is complications from Gabriele Scheler's false accusations that get Sebastian Thrun and Eric Schmidt as well as that malicious officer involved in; for years, their side had tried every effort to prevent the case from being clarified, and which had escaladed the tension in this case again and aga ... View All

Cao Ming wrote: 9 h ago

@Plato 2011-11-15 15:26 A lot of Chinese men try to have their way with women. You can see Chinese men assaulting their girlfriend on beijing streets all the time. I saw a Chinese guy attacking a Chinese woman just the other day. One of my white female friends was also sexually assaulted in Nanjing ... View All

Cao Ming wrote: 9 h ago

Some typo to clear:

Would you please have a little bit of sense of rightousness and justice? As you could see from those photo evidence [] which are also documented at Stanford police, that Gabriele Scheler had seriously injured my body, would you please ask he ... View All