Updated: 2019-03-30 06:53

By Chitralekha Basu in Hong Kong(HK Edition)

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It's that time of the year when Hong Kong embraces everything to do with art with both hands. Not that there is a choice, what with four international art fairs running simultaneously and every art gallery, auction house and shopping street trying to court the art connoisseur in each citizen.

This weekend, downtown Hong Kong is playing host to a never-ending cavalcade of art experiences - ranging from the endearing to the macabre, as these images show. The city's annual celebration of art has long ceased to be about pictures hung on walls. Much of it is about movement. Performance, VR, video, interactive installation - would the incredible array of experiences lined up at the city's art fairs even have any meaning if there wasn't a steadily growing audience, eager to participate?

Only a small percentage of Hong Kong's art enthusiasts get round to buying from the fairs, but the enthusiasm for art they put on display in the last week of March, year after year, is probably as deserving of recognition as a priceless piece of art.



1. Detail from Triceratops, by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, Tang Contemporary Art; Anausa No II - Inmortal Warrior by Catalina Swinburn, Selma Feriani Gallery, Art Basel Hong Kong. photos by Roy liu / China Daily 2. Selfie time with a life-size sculpture at Art Basel Hong Kong. 3. Luke Jerram's giant moon installation in Lee Tung Avenue. 4. Dan Colen's Rabbit and the Moon, Levy Gorvy, Art Basel Hong Kong. 5. Flea Market Lady by Duane Hanson, Gagosian, Art Basel Hong Kong. 6. Movana Chen's live performance Body Container, Flowers Gallery, Art Central. 7. In Stock (Walmart Worker's Head) by Josh Kline, Modern Art, Art Basel Hong Kong. 8. A 37-metre-long inflatable version of US street artist Kaws' signature character Companion, Central Harbourfront.

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