'Life's like a training program, it's a real challenge'

Updated: 2017-03-17 07:32

By Lin Wenjie in Hong Kong(HK Edition)

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Despite being tireless in pursuing profitable businesses, Success Finance Group (SFG) also sees corporate social responsibility as its core value. Besides various charitable activities, it has invested in nurturing our next generation.

It has been the fourth year since SFG launched an internship program for mainland students by subsidizing 30 to 40 undergraduates majoring in business administration or finance to join a training program in Hong Kong.

"The main idea of this program is to enhance cross-boundary interaction by allowing mainland students to have a better understanding of Hong Kong and its legal and financial systems so they can figure out how a Hong Kong finance group is different from those of the mainland. At the same time, our team and tutors will know better how mainland students think," says Chief Executive Officer Tom Chan Pak-lam.

Compared with Hong Kong students, he found that their mainland peers have more passion in starting their own businesses.

'Life's like a training program, it's a real challenge'

"Mainland students are more career-minded, not in the sense of just trying to find a job, but in embracing the vast opportunities in entrepreneurship. That's why I'm so impressed to find that the incubation center is so popular on the mainland," says Chan, emphasizing that SFG also plans to start an incubator program to help young people realize their career dreams.

Young entrepreneurs, he believes, should broaden their horizons when exploring the path to future careers.

"When I first joined a listed company as a commercial lawyer 20 years ago, my boss told me 'we expect to see you as a lawyer with commercial sense, not just a commercial lawyer'. It means you should always have common sense, and not just sticking to theoretical or academic matters or dipping your head into your mobile world. You need to open your hearts and minds to the outside world."

With Hong Kong's youth suicide rate rising dramatically in recent years, Chan hopes students will have the will and rise to the occasion.

"We've to face the ups and downs, but always bear in mind these are all part of life. If you fail, it doesn't mean you'll lose forever and it's not the end of the world. On the other hand, if you succeed, don't let your ego distract you and always stay in the middle path."

Within 17 days last month, five students in Hong Kong had taken their own lives. Some of them blamed the huge pressure from long days at school, overworked teaching staff and tedious homework.

"Life's like a training program. No matter what comes up, it's a challenge, so take it easy, relax and enjoy the game," advises Chan.


'Life's like a training program, it's a real challenge'

Financial group executive Tom Chan Pak-lam reveals that the stocks loan business is seeing the fastest growth amid huge demand from Chinese mainland clients who need financing to get more facilities for their companies, or to invest in other listed companies. Parker Zheng / China Daily

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