Carrie Lam shines in debate

Updated: 2017-03-15 09:30

(HK Edition)

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Other than those die-hard members of the opposition camp, most people who watched the Chief Executive election debate organized by seven electronic media in Hong Kong on Tuesday evening will conclude Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor is the best choice to lead the next-term SAR government.

Among the three CE hopefuls participating in the debate, Carrie Lam showed herself to be the most committed - with the greatest desire to serve Hong Kong people. Her overall goals for the SAR and the many objectives in economic development, people's livelihoods, political development and other fields discussed in the debate were not castles in the air - but clear and reachable targets. They also were outlined with workable and concrete programs.

When it comes to performances in the debate, the most convincing one was Lam's. She showed eloquence - not the adoption of fallacious logic or clever rhetoric. She demonstrated sincerity and passion in working for the best interests of Hong Kong people.

Despite being the target of attacks by the two other candidates last night, she handled pointed and sometimes provocative questions very well. She answered frankly and honestly, based on her experience in government. Lam also outlined a comprehensive, practical blueprint and vision for the city's future.

Speaking in a firm, clear voice, she demonstrated a high level of confidence. She obviously knew what she was talking about. Lam showed a profound knowledge of subjects she has clearly thought deeply about.

On the other hand, her questions posed to the two other candidates were excellent, often catching them by surprise and exposing their lack of experience and knowledge.

Indeed, she has made repeated demonstrations of such confidence and poise in previous debates organized by various sectors and organizations since the conclusion of the nomination period. Winning a CE election entails a tremendous amount of hard work, sincerity and passion, as well as ability and commitment. She clearly has all these qualities. There is definitely no short cut to the city's top job.

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