Registered residents in area tops 1 million

Updated: 2017-03-10 07:24

By Zhuan Ti(HK Edition)

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The number of registered permanent residents in Futian district broke 1 million on Feb 16, ranking No 1 in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. A celebration was held at the administrative service center of the Futian District Public Security Sub-bureau at 10 am to mark the historic moment.

Song Mei, as the one millionth registered resident in Futian district, received a memorial cup and her household registration certificate. Song, from Nanchang in Jiangxi province, is now working as a landscape designer at a Shenzhen-based real estate company.

"Futian district is located in Shenzhen's central business district, with an excellent living and cultural environment," said Song. "As I am working in the design industry, I often need to work overtime and go home late, but I still feel safe at night in the district due to its good public security."

Located in the center of Shenzhen, the population of Futian district ranks first not only in quantity but also in density. The 1 million people registered in the area account for nearly a quarter of the city's hukou population, or registered population.

According to the staff members at the district public security sub-bureau, in recent years, there have been tens of thousands people from other provinces who have chosen to settle down and register in the district each year.

In order to further improve the efficiency of registration services, the authority also provides an online platform for citizens to make an appointment in advance.

Previously, citizens needed to line up in front of the household registration window in order to complete the registration process, which caused inconvenience for office workers and citizens. Now the sub-bureau has set up mini registration windows where people can receive identity cards, collect information and take photos, to further benefit the public in Shenzhen.

Futian district lays a great emphasis on safeguarding public security. The police in Futian developed a comprehensive management and service app to ensure the efficiency of their work as they continue to improve citizens' satisfaction levels.

Registered residents in area tops 1 million

Song Mei receives a memorial cup and her household registration certificate as the one millionth registered resident in Futian district on Feb 16.

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