Schools place focus on high quality and access

Updated: 2017-03-10 07:24

By Zhuan Ti(HK Edition)

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As the new semester began, the Futian District Education Bureau made a decision to build five additional schools and expand 12 existing schools this year to meet the needs of citizens for quality education.

The five new schools will comprise Fuyuan Primary School, Experimental School of Bonded Area, Antuoshan Primary School, Shenkang School and the North Campus of Liyuan Foreign Language Primary School. The construction of Fuyuan Primary School will be completed by the end of 2017, providing 1,350 additional school slots. The 12 schools to be expanded include Hanlin Experimental School and Qiaoxiang Foreign Language School.

The Futian government will work to promote inclusive and high-quality pre-school education by building 20 more government-subsidized kindergartens, meaning that such kindergartens will account for 80 percent of all kindergartens in Futian district.

To improve educational quality and make education more fair, Futian district will also build high-quality schools for urban villages. The district will work to improve the infrastructure of school campuses in urban villages to attract more competent teachers.

Urban villages are former villages that have been urbanized.

The Education and Science Institute of Futian District plans to prioritize "The 12 Actions" to improve the overall quality of education in the district.

"The 12 Actions" incorporate course reforms and educational research, promotion of exceptional teachers, increased focus on the arts, international education, literary programs, conferences, holiday celebrations, technology, environmentalism, innovative Party-building projects, annual appraisals of researchers and the concept of a "civilized Futian".

 Schools place focus on high quality and access

Students perform at Fuqiang Primary School, which will be expanded this year as part of Futian District Education Bureau's plan.

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