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Govt takes load off taxpayers' back

The government announced a more generous than expected sweeteners package of HK$34 billion to "alleviate financial burden of the public" - a 70 percent rise from last year's Budget.

Fee cuts to offset 'Occupy' impact on tourism, restaurants

HK warms up to closer ties with mainland

Tsang earmarks HK$50m to fund start-ups

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Opposition roadblock misguided

Matthew Flintoff argues that the 'pan-democrats' may be cynically trying to block the constitutional reform in Hong Kong just in order to remain relevant

Is the declining quality of life in HK discouraging talent?

An encouraging message

Giving locals boarding priority is inadvisable 

HongKong Focus

What a din!

What do Edwin Lo's fragmented horizontal lines against a white base and set in pairs on adjacent walls, after the fashion of framed family portraits, have in common with the glittery black volcano series, by Pascal Broccolichi, where music erupts from speakers implanted in some of the craters?

Full throttle

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2017: Make it happen

Festive parades and high-profile endorsements marked the opening weekend for the Sign for Universal Suffrage Movement, a city-wide campaign organized by the Alliance for Peace and Democracy to rally support for the government's proposals for the universal suffrage election in 2017.

HongKong Art

Art has its reasons

Editor's note: Justin Xiang, 17, grew up in Hong Kong. Fascinated by the Tibetan Thangka painting since childhood, Xiang, now a high school student in the US, took time off to volunteer with the Shangri-La Association of Cultural Preservation - an NGO based in Shangri-La, Diqing, Yunnan province, working to preserve traditional Tibetan culture and heritage through Thangka art. In this article he shares his experience which turned out to be an eye-opener.

Know your Shangri-La

HK curator helps mainland artists go abroad