Stop political hooliganism

Updated: 2014-05-23 05:09

By Staff Writer(HK Edition)

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Stop political hooliganism

Some radical lawmakers put on a disgusting show of political hooliganism on Thursday as they interrupted Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying's Q&A session in the Legislative Council (LegCo). Their unruly behavior once again forced LegCo President Jasper Tsang to order their removal.

These "filibustering clowns" have acted like badly parented brats throwing a tantrum whenever they want something they don't deserve. The difference is they are all adults and expected to behave properly in public. But they chose not to out of sheer political bigotry. Tsang had every reason to kick Chan Wai-yip, Chan Chi-chuen and Leung Kwok-hung out of the auditorium - as they deliberately broke existing house rules.

These three politicians have made a name for themselves with all kinds of outrageous antics in the LegCo to attract public attention - much to the disgust of most local residents and the delight of the anti-Beijing press. Even more frustrating for many people is they have been able to keep doing such annoying acts and winning elections - thanks to the current electoral system.

It is a gross example of injustice to Hong Kong society that the majority of local residents have to endure this kind of humiliation in the name of democracy. It is all the more reason for the SAR to push its constitutional development forward.

While working very hard to build consensus on how universal suffrage should be implemented, it is also necessary to amend the LegCo's House Rules. This is to at least limit lawmakers' ability to waste taxpayers' money on attempts to advance their personal agendas contrary to the public will.

In a civilized society, such as Hong Kong, politicians should not be allowed to resort to political hooliganism without consequences. There should be disciplinary action to deter wanton displays of lawlessness by legislators like the three mentioned above. Just because they are elected representatives does not mean they are exempt from political ethics or established moral standards appropriate for their status.

It should be noted that Chan Wai-yip is a defendant in an ongoing court case for illegal assembly and disorderly conduct against public peace. His very public violation of LegCo House Rules on Thursday could well be his way of mocking Hong Kong's judicial system and the rule of law, because he apparently believes he is entitled to do whatever he wants in the name of democracy.

Political hooliganism has not only crippled the implementation of government policies but also made Hong Kong a laughing stock internationally. Why should Hong Kong people put up with these radicals any longer?

(HK Edition 05/23/2014 page9)