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Updated: 2013-08-09 07:18

By Yang Sheng(HK Edition)

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To the point

Silent majority's voice

The great silent majority in Hong Kong have eventually got a platform to speak out against the "Occupy Central" campaign.

A group of over 40 prominent professors, business leaders and professionals, who are among the society's silent majority, on Thursday launched the "Silent Majority for Hong Kong" movement, with the aim of rallying at least 100,000 members of the silent majority to protect the interests and well-being of society by voicing their clear objection to the "Occupy" campaign.

The silent group, the majority of society, who always prefer stability and prosperity over political utopia, have been overshadowed by a few political activists, the more vocal minority of society, in the city's political discourse in recent months. They have been outsiders to the political discourse, and neglected by the "Occupy" advocates so far because of their silence.

The silence of the great majority should not be interpreted as a tacit consent to the unlawful campaign. They have remained silent because they have always prioritized livelihood issues and their family over politics. And the general lack of a silver tongue and a magic pen has also prevented the silent majority from catching the attention of the media, which has found the eloquent idealists lovelier.

However, some members of the silent majority have realized that the "Occupy" campaign has caused serious social fragmentation, and should be stopped before it threatens the rule of law, stability, prosperity and security of the Hong Kong society.

The launch of "Silent Majority for HK" has sent a clear signal to "Occupy" advocates: the silent majority is not a group of outsiders; their aspirations and rights should no longer be neglected in any political discourse that will have an impact on society. But above all, they should keep in mind: the silent majority always prefers stability and prosperity over political utopia.

The author is a current affairs commentator.

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