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Decentralize waste disposal

NIMBY stands for "Not in My Backyard", and refers to the undesirable landfill facilities that every district council would reject - even though the functions that NIMBY performs serve the real needs of every district. It is human nature to prefer that undesirable facilities be located elsewhere. It is human nature to ask: why should I make the sacrifice that spares other districts? As most district council members are directly elected, being responsible to their constituents means defending the interests of these constituents. The wider interest of Hong Kong then will likely be ignored, and no one can blame them. NIMBY is therefore always tough to tackle. No wonder the problem keeps being put off. But eventually the time will come when the problem cannot be put off any more. Hong Kong is now facing the problem of garbage disposal with great urgency, as the available landfills are reaching their capacity fast.

Disobedience is the first sin

HKCEC phase-3 development is urgent to boost business tourism

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