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Updated: 2013-06-27 05:43

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In the press

CY's 1st year applaudable

As the 16th anniversary of the handover approaches, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying published a report summing up the work of the current SAR government in its first year. Under the title "Seek change, maintain stability, serve the people with pragmatism," the work report presents the achievements the government has made in the past year under the principle of "One Country, Two Systems", "Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong" and "A high degree of autonomy". The achievements not only embody his administrative philosophy but also mark an important step forward in resolving some of the deeper problems of Hong Kong society. The report also demonstrates Leung's commitment to accountability, accessibility to the public and untiring working spirit.

"One Country, Two Systems", "Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong" and "A high degree of autonomy" together are an unprecedented undertaking. From the moment Hong Kong was back under China's sovereign rule the city has entered an era and embarked on a voyage.

In the past 16 years the SAR government has been advancing with the times despite leadership changes and various challenges as it sailed ahead along the set course. The current-term SAR government (the fourth term since the handover) has been no exception. It has spared no effort in attacking difficulties head-on while answering popular wishes in the first year of its administration. Focusing on the economy and people's well-being the government has successfully resolved some difficult issues and properly handled some others in one short year, while delivering the promises Leung made in his chief executive election campaign and first Policy Address.

Leung's first work report is a logical extension of the administrative philosophy infused in his election campaign policy platform a year ago and the first Policy Address earlier this year, characterized by positive response to a wide range of public concerns. It is a complete account of the current-term SAR government's performance in the first year, with the focus on five key areas of policy response: economic development, housing, poverty, aging society and environmental protection. This administrative approach, thanks to efforts by civil servants at all levels, has achieved undeniably positive results.

This is an excerpted translation of a Wen Wei Po editorial published on June 26.

Wong Chi-wah

'Occupy' aims to seize power

"Occupy Central" has been promoted as a way to win "genuine universal suffrage", but its leading initiator Tai Yiu-ting revealed the true intent of the campaign on June 21, when he declared that it aims to "shake the foundation of the administration". It means "Occupy" will be used to overthrow the Hong Kong SAR government for the opposition to seize Hong Kong's governing power. Hong Kong will be rolling in absolute chaos if that happens.

We hereby ring the alarm: the Hong Kong SAR is an inseparable part of China. Proxies of foreign forces are not allowed to occupy this piece of the Chinese territory and most certainly not allowed to jeopardize the "One Country, Two Systems" principle and seize Hong Kong's governing power. The Chief Executive and principal officials of the SAR government are democratically elected or appointed according to the Basic Law and relevant decisions of the National People's Congress Standing Committee, which means their administration is fully compliant with the constitutional and legal requirements. Anyone trying to shake the foundation of the SAR government is liable for conspiracy to subvert Hong Kong's constitutional government.

We hereby remind fellow Hongkongers: Hong Kong's political situation is on the verge of falling into bottomless turmoil because the "Occupy" advocates have brought in foreign reinforcements to promote their criminal cause with all kinds of lies. The SAR government must be 100 percent on guard and adequately prepared to defend its constitutional authority; while the Hong Kong Police Force has every reason to draw up a contingency plan to protect the nation's territorial integrity as well as Hong Kong's stability and local residents' safety.

We hereby call on all Hong Kong citizens to unite and join hands in defending the rule of law and Central with one heart and one will, because Central is part of the Chinese territory and must not be occupied by proxies of foreign forces. Hong Kong's internal affairs brook no foreign interference!

The author is a Hong Kong member of the CPPCC. This is an excerpted translation of his commentary published in Hong Kong Commercial Daily on June 26.

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