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Changing of the Guard
A soldier gives a signal as a helicopter lands at the Shek Kong Airfi eld on Friday. People's Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison had its annual rotation from midnight to noon on the day. Soldiers who had completed their service returned to the mainland aft er the event.
Joe Tam / China News Service

HongKong Business

Developers accelerate home sales amid weakening sentiment

Hong Kong developers are accelerating home sales to fill up their pockets in preparation for rainy days ahead as sentiment for the residential property market increasingly weakens.

Operators turn cautious on shipping outlook

Downtrend confirmed in stocks and commodities

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Still waiting...

The next few months might see the raging debate over the long-term viability and necessity of modern 3D filmmaking. Since Avatar (there it is again) a scant 2 years ago, the highly advanced format as we know it, now unintentionally plotted a heightened, ultra-fast love-in and backlash trajectory. The wonder of it quickly wore off for Western audiences that just as quickly learned to spot a cheap conversion perceived as a sneaky cash grab. Then, when films actually shot in 3D finally hit screens, so much ill will had been generated, audiences simply opted for the 2D version - and it rarely made a difference to the viewing experience, a huge problem in itself. The only film to incorporate 3D into its narrative smartly was TRON: Legacy, and sadly that was a weak film at its very best. Lots of schlock flooded cinemas and moviegoers who often forked over hundreds of dollars for a night out (in any currency) have started to turn their backs in all territories.

Make single or double roast for a culinary show of one-upmanship