British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (left) listens in Dublin on Monday during a statement by Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar in which Varadkar said "there's no such thing as a clean break" Brexit. Phil Noble/reuters

Beijing will never manipulate currency

The United States accused China of currency manipulation last month, saying it intentionally depreciated the renminbi, or yuan, against the US dollar to put US exports in an "unfair" position. While it was the fifth attempt by the US to label China a currency manipulating country, the accusation is untenable and unreasonable. China never manipulates its currency.


Grassland restoration tackles the root of the problem

Until four years ago, Wang Zhenlai herded sheep and yaks on his 20 hectares of grassland in Menyuan county, renowned for its highland meadows, in the northwestern province of Qinghai.


HK demonstrators banging their heads on a brick wall

Not content at building a "wall" dividing Hong Kong into a normal metropolis and an anarchic city, rabble-rouser Joshua Wong compared Hong Kong to Berlin during the Cold War. However, his remark may impress his Western backers, particularly the United States which has openly supported the rioters in Hong Kong, not those who see through the demonstrators' ploys.

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Model neighbor

Building Shenzhen into a demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics is also of great importance for Hong Kong's stability and development


Board gamers set for one smart move ahead

Board games seem a throwback to a different era. A pre-mobile phone era. An era of dice and not a computer mouse. An era not of virtual reality but of imagination when you could be either a rich merchant, an awe-inspiring general, or a successful politician.