An airport employee tries to stop protesters on Tuesday at Hong Kong International Airport, where all departing flights were canceled during the afternoon due to an unauthorized assembly.Issei Kato/reuters

Solutions should aim for shared prosperity

For over two months, the world's media have been covering the evolution of the tensions affecting Hong Kong. In a highly developed Chinese city in which the fundamental rights of the 7.5 million residents are well protected, the immediate reaction of any responsible commentator should be the condemnation of violence, a rejection of extremism and a clear call for a return to normal life.


Weaker typhoon going north

A weakening Typhoon Lekima continued to hit the northeastern regions, forcing over 130,000 people to evacuate and damaging 6,020 hectares of farmland as of noon on Tuesday in Liaoning, but no casualties have been reported, said the provincial flood control authority.


Global Views

Aspiration for Asia

The end of the Cold War eased tension in China's neighboring environment and heralded a new era of economic openness in the Asia-Pacific region, with China and its neighbors developing strong economic and trade relations.


Telling tales via word of mouth

Listening allows the imagination to run wild which is why audio books and shows have sprinted into popularity recently. The spoken word is both able to soothe and inspire.