Seasonal style

By Xu Junqian ( Shanghai Star ) Updated: 2014-12-19 10:29:38

Seasonal style

Latest fur collections from Haining China leather and fur market, the largest one of its kind in the country based in Haining, Zhejiang province. Photo provided to Shanghai Star

With the holiday season upon us there are plenty of parties to get glammed up for.

Xu Junqian looks at some of the hottest trends of the moment.

The calendar is running out of pages and the mailbox is groaning under the weight of invitations. While you may be mourning another year of little achievement and more wrinkles, hopefully this holiday season you have one or two things to celebrate and look your best for.

Fur-nished up

Fashion comes and goes, but the need to wrap up warm in a stylish fur coat in the chilly winter months is forever. Thanks to the ever-evolving technology, faux furs are as warm and stylish as the real deal, if not more. Designers, fashionistas, and above all, those cute animals that have been "liked" in pictures on social networks, get to enjoy a cozy and cuddly winter.

For sure, it adds an essential layer of warmth for your skimpy killer party dress, but it's also the perfect statement when you want to look sloppy but also stylish, say, on the morning after the party with boyfriend jeans and a face looking a little worse for wear.

Holiday hues

There are no better colors for a joyful festive look than red and green. Between a dramatic Christmas-tree or a set of traffic-lights and the plain red sweater, there are many combinations of these two colors that can lead to some fabulous style. After all, there is no better time of a year to wear red and green than December now, is there?

Shanghai black

It's a familar catch-cry, grey/blue/white is the new black. What's wrong with the old black? Is it too safe or are designers running out of tricks to keep it fresh?

Designers in Shanghai and China in general still have plenty of ideas. Ji Cheng's peony-pavilion-inspired V-neck dress lets you wear a silver necklace for a hit of dazzling shine; male designer Lu Kun (mikumkum) has a warm, woolen dress on offer, but he knows the right place to reveal a little bit of flesh with see-through nylon sleeves and shoulders; and Helen Lee goes mad with patterns of Chinese ink-painted waves.

Metallic flash but not in the pan

When metallic dresses, shirts and pants first hit the catwalk a few years ago, we all assumed they would be a flash-in-the-pan trend. But several years on, here we are. Shoulder pads and platform shoes may have trundled off the catwalk but metallic shines ever stronger in the window displays of Lanvin, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton. Even the Apple store got in on the trend with the once iconic black-and-white-only iphone now available in gaudy gold.

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