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First US software joint venture launched in Beijing

Zhao Huanxin ( China Daily )

Charles B Wang [ China Daily ]

CHINA'S first software information technologies joint-venture will help channel cutting-edge technology from the United States to China and improve China's position in world computer anti-virus markets.

The Beijing-based company, Beijing Guanqun Jinchen Software Co Ltd, will join the strengths of the US-based Computer Associates International Inc (CA) and China Jinchen Security Technology and Commerce Corp, a State‑owned enterprise affiliated with the Ministry of Public Security.

The company is expected to bring China's software products into the world market, a corporate executive said yesterday.

"With knowledge gained from Computer Associates International Inc (CA), the Beijing Guanqun Jinchen Software Co Ltd will digest, develop and distribute advanced anti-virus technologies meeting China's conditions, and help Chinese software products grow in the global market," said Duan Jianbing, general manager of Guanqun.

Announcing the founding of the joint venture last Tuesday, CA Chairman and CEO Charles B Wang said the event was "a milestone in CA's history."

China Jinchen is the leading anti-virus software vendor and the country's first facility to focus on computer security research.

Its KILL software, developed more than 10 years ago, has grown to become a standard in virus prevention in China. It has more than 1 million users nationwide.

"CA entered China not just for the economic benefits offered by a huge market potential here, but will creatively, through investment, market exploration, the introduction of technology and management expertise, help promote China's software industry to a new high," Wang said.

He also announced the first fruits of the co-operative effort — a series of market-leading anti-virus products, KILL 98 (Certified Version) for MS-DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Unix, OS/2, NetWare, Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange environments, as well as the Internet.

Dubbed as "Certified," because the series has passed assessments by more than 10 software assessment organizations, including Microsoft and the US National Computer Security Assn (NCSA).

"By joining forces with CA, the world's leader in mission-critical business software, we are ensuring more users, including governmental organizations, enterprises and consumers we have the most powerful anti-virus weapons in a multitude of computer platforms," said Wang Tiejian, deputy general manager of the Guanqun company.

An innovative practice in software sales in China, China Jinchen held a bidding meeting earlier this month in which five major sales agents in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen were chosen to take responsibility for sales of the premier KILL products nationwide, Wang said.

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