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CAAC airliner hijacked


An airliner of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) was hijacked yesterday morning by a group of armed thugs and forced to land in south Korea, CAAC said.

The hijackers were led by a person named An Weijian and the plane was forced to land in Chunchon military airport near Seoul, south Korea, at 13:10 hours yesterday, CAAC said.

The hijacked CAAC plane, aircraft No.296, took off from Shenyang, in northeast China, at 10:40 am yesterday for Shanghai, CAAC said.

It is learned that there were 105 people on board, including a 9-member crew.

In the telegram, Shen Tu said: "in order to deal with this matter, I will go to Seoul personally as quickly as possible. I earnestly hope you agree and will give assistance."

The telegram concluded: "wait for your reply."

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