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Art runs in his blood

Renowned costume designer and art director Tim Yip was once so disillusioned that he wanted a career change. Fortunately, he persevered and lived to tell his tale. Laying it on the line What they say

Everyman movie star

Huang Bo has excelled at playing the man on the street, which, instead of typecasting him, has provided him with a vast canvas for his continuously bubbling creativity. Q+A His 10 best What they say

Elemental design

Vivienne Tam recently launched her first jewelry collection in partnership with TSL Jewelry, and the collection betrays her influences and inspirations. Water-like Tam uses Zen in her creations

Trailblazer on ivory

China's gift to the classical music world is an epitome of both superb artistry and rock-star showmanship. Lang Lang has come so far that scaling greater heights would take a leap of imagination.

On the wings of a songbird

Singer-songwriter Sa Dingding is to hold a live show in Beijing, celebrating the international release of her third album, The Coming Ones.
Grammy stars come to shine

Everyday supermodel

Qin Shupei had little interest in clothes until she was spotted by a modeling scout in NY. She is now the darling of the international fashion jet-set, but for her it's just one, long holiday. Q&A What they say

Dreaming in Chinese

New Oriental is a Chinese business success story, and now Peter Chan has brought the story of this English-language company to the big screen. In his words What they say His best

For love or money?

Johnnie To makes movies for one of two purposes: either to express himself or to make money for his company.

Looking in the first lady's mirror

Peng Liyuan has been wearing Ma Ke's designs for more than a decade, a fact that was only highlighted when the first lady made her diplomatic debut recently.

Rock 'n' roll godfather aims to spread the music

Cui Jian, one of the first people in China to sing rock 'n' roll, has been in the profession for more than 20 years but he is as passionate about the business as ever.

Nobu’s passion and pride

He's one of the richest chefs in the world, with 26 restaurants to his name, but success came only after he had faced flames and failure.

Wu Mochou: Maverick musician

Wu Mochou, a 20-year-old singer who rose to fame after participating in The Voice of China, is controversial: You either love or hate her.

Striking a chord without compromise

The reserved but talented Li Yundi is tickling the ivories, his way, to bring more young people to classical music. Getting to know Li What they say

Spielberg has desire to work with Zhang Yimou

Steven Spielberg said he would be highly interested in working with his "dear friend" Zhang Yimou on an international film in China.

To know Tanya, listen to her songs

Last year, Singapore-born, three-time Golden Melody Award winner Tanya Chua went on a spontaneous trip with friends to Finland.

Everything old is new again

Mao Weitao could have rested on laurels, but she is willing to take risks to keep her art form relevant and resonating with audiences.

If women ruled the world

The Chinese edition of A Women’s World, a Better World was launched on May 23 at Beijing’s Page One bookstore.

Musician focuses on his second act

When he was 26, Tien founded Seed Music, which became one of the biggest Taiwan music labels, home to best-selling singers, including Jeff Chang.

Crystal clear

It began one night in Taipei, in 1984. Chang Yi, 33, sat opposite Loretta Hui-shan Yang, 32, at a dinner hosted by senior director Lee Hsing.

Living the indie dream

Cui Renyu could easily be mistaken for a recent university graduate, but when it comes to music, over a decade working in the industry has taught him much more than any university ever could.

Mo Yan promotes Chinese literature

After keeping a low profile since he was crowned Nobel laureate in literature in December, Mo Yan is ready to face the media.A picture in time

Taking Midi to the max

A music school with a modern rock outlook has produced an iconic Beijing Midi Music Festival, China's largest and oldest outdoor music festival.

Dream weaver

In what he regards as the pinnacle of his oeuvre, Stan Lai shapes ideas into a modern-day equivalent of the Bayeux Tapestry about the emotional and spiritual impact of time.In his wordsWhat they sayHis best

Enigmatic entertainer

Among famous Hong Kong directors, Stephen Chow may be the hardest to define. Behind his larger-than-life performances is a vague image.

Raymond Zhou: Montreal Journal, August 28, 2013

I've always wanted to talk to Dai Sijie ever since I saw "Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress" a decade ago. Another reason is we have something in common. Raymond Zhou: Montreal Journal, Aug 27

Nice shades

What do we talk about when we talk about Victoria Beckham? High heels, expensive Hermes Birkin bags, and of course, sunglasses. She has brought her new line of sunglasses to China, and says they are a good fit for all occasions.

Complete showman

The movies he merely stars in may not be the best of the bunch, but those that Jay Chou makes with full creative control never fail to turn heads.
His top 10 hits What they say Special: Star Talks

Lowdown on the high life

A new film based on a best selling author Guo Jingming 's novel idealizing materialist lifestyles reflects his super-rich value system - or does it?
What they say Five questions

Backstreet Boys return to Beijing (video)

American pop group Backstreet Boys celebrated its 20th anniversary by launching its global tour in Beijing on May 25, 2013.

Second hand rose ready to bloom

Rock band Second Hand Rose was in the middle of a show when the members were forced to stop playing - they were making too much noise.

Phoenix Legend's rise above critics

With each song that becomes popular, the pop duo Phoenix Legend somehow gains more fans but less respect.Tenor sings his way back home  

French arts festival kicks off in Beijing (Video)

On April 10, the 8th annual Croisements Festival got underway at the French embassy in Beijing with a press conference to launch the three-month event.

Music reflects his life

Xu Wei's sentimental and sensitive nature is reflected in his songs. Track how the changes in Xu's life over the last two decades have influenced his music.

Exclusive interview with Yue-Sai Kan (Video)

Yue-Sai Kan talked about some of the topics from her book while also sharing her secrets for happiness.On First Lady style 

She's no Barbie

Tang Wei is one of the few young Chinese actresses who manages to be both popular and keep a low profile. Exclusive interview with Tang Wei

Mok factor

43-year-old singer-actress Karen Mok is back on the scene, a year after she married her first love Johannes at a church near Florence, Italy.