Lady Gaga prays to women

2011-05-27 13:00
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Lady Gaga prays to women

Lady Gaga only prays to women.

The 'Judas' singer had a very religious upbringing and while she was told to worship Jesus and God, Gaga chose to confide in females because she's always been a feminist.

She told Popjustice: "When I was young and I went to Catholic school - an all girls' school - we were told to pray to God and pray to Jesus, but I always prayed to women. I guess I always worshipped a more feminine force in my life and I didn't view God as having a particular gender. I always either prayed to Mother Mary or Mary Magdelene, or to my father's sister Joanne who had died when he was a kid because I viewed her as an angel in the sky in the house of the Kingdom working alongside God. You know, watching over me.

"It must be so big up there. A lot of people. So I always prayed to women and that's the thing that I look to now to make me strong in this very unique situation that is being a pop singer. I always pray to Mary and to Joanne."

Gaga says women such as Mother Mary and Mary Magdelene have inspired her throughout her life because they taught her what it's like to be brave.

She said: "It's very sad that in those Biblical times women were stoned for adultery or for doing inappropriate things. Women were always the target, so I guess I looked to my past and my faith to find bravery in myself."