Angelina Jolie visits Afghanistan

2011-03-03 10:31
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Angelina Jolie visits Afghanistan

In this handout provided by the UNHCR, UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, Angelina Jolie, meets with Khanum Gul, 35, a mother of 8 and her youngest son, Samir at their makeshift home at Tamil Mill Bus site February 2011, in Kabul city, Afghanistan.[Photo/CFP]

When Angelina last visited Khanum Gul, Samir was a newly born baby of 14 days, now he's two and a half years old, but having medical problems. Tajik and Pashtun families live side by side without any major conflict at the Tamil Mill Bus site. Over 70 percent of the families are returnees from the period of 2002-2004 who were unable to achieve sustainable reintegration in their places of origin and subsequently drifted to Kabul City in search of work. A nearby school is accessible to the children but the poor economic circumstances of the many families oblige them to send their children out to work. Low levels of literacy, particularly amongst the women, limit their access to employment other than the lowest paid daily labour wage.

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