Celine Dion's twins showing differences

2010-12-09 14:32
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Celine Dion's twins showing differences

Celine Dion's twins are already developing different personalities.

The 'Think Twice' hitmaker - who gave birth to sons Eddy and Nelson on October 23 - admits she sees more of herself in Eddy, whereas his brother is showing similar traits to his father, Celine's 68-year-old husband Rene Angelil.

She said: "They are very different. Nelson is Angelil, Eddy is Dion. Eddy is my smallest, very delicate and needs to be cuddled a lot. And Nelson is darker and very loud, in a good way. He's my bear, my big boy."

The 42-year-old star - who also has a nine-year-old son Rene-Charles with Rene - finds life as a mother of three "extraordinary" but admits she barely has any time for herself anymore.

She added to Canada's Hello! magazine: "I don't know how women do it. Every day Rene asks, 'Did you sleep well?' I'm like, 'You must be kidding! There is no sleep!'

"I nurse both babies at the same time. I'm in my pyjamas until lunchtime and there's no time to shower."

Celine says Rene-Charles - known as R.C. by his family - loves to help care for his brothers, though he has unusual tastes when it comes to selecting songs to be sung for the babies to send them to sleep.

The singer explained: "We've been singing 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame'. R.C. loves baseball."