Kate Nash ditched burgers for bunny

2010-07-27 13:42
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Kate Nash ditched burgers for bunny

Kate Nash became a vegetarian to save the life of her rabbit.

The British pop star's pet bunny had to undergo a potentially life-threatening operation and Kate - who admits she suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) - convinced herself if she stopped eating meat her floppy-eared friend would survive.

She told Seven magazine: "I became a vegetarian last September - I used to suffer from OCD and it got stuck in my head that if I didn't eat meat then my bunny rabbit, Fluffy, would survive a dangerous operation she had to have."

Although she is now a vegetarian, Nash admits she loves the taste of meat and thinks she will eat it again at some point.

She added: "I do love the taste of meat and definitely want to have a cheeseburger again before I die."

The 'Kiss That Grrrl' singer also revealed she believes she could survive a zombie apocalypse.

The singer - who is dating The Cribs frontman Ryan Jarman - has devised a strategy to avoid being eaten by the slow-moving monsters should the dead ever rise from their graves.

She said: "I like horror films, zombie ones in particular. I have a foolproof survival plan thought out should zombies invade."