Omer Bhatti replaces Michael Jackson

2010-03-16 15:07
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Omer Bhatti replaces Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's alleged love child is living with the Jackson family and is telling the late singer's children he is their new father.

Omer Bhatti - whom the late 'King of Pop' told friends he had fathered - has been living at the Jackson family compound in Hayvenhurst Avenue, California, and has changed his name to Omer Michael Bhatti.

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The 25-year-old Norwegian rapper-and-dancer has allegedly told Michael's three children - Prince Michael, 13, Paris, 11, and eight-year-old Prince Michael II, who is known as 'Blanket' - he has been sent by their father to take care of them and he is their new dad.

Since the death of the 'Thriller' singer - who passed away last June from acute Propofol intoxication - the children's legal guardian has been Michael's mother Katherine Jackson, 79.

A source told "Prince has been particularly vulnerable to Omer and his claims. He's starting to believe Omer's claims that Michael is his father.

"Omer has told the children he has changed his name from Omar Jamal Bhatti to Omar Michael Bhatti."

Omer is also alleged to be living off the Jackson family's money, has started introducing himself as "Michael" and is claiming he is a member of the family.

California's Department of Children and Family Services has visited the property several times in recent weeks and is monitoring the children's situation.

Omer first met Michael in 1996 in Tunisia whilst on a family holiday with his mother Pia and stepfather Riz. He impressed the star with his dance moves and they became "best friends".

In 1997, the family moved into Michael's luxury estate, where Pia is believed to have worked as a nanny and Riz a driver.

Michael is believed to have told friends in 2004 he was Omer's biological father after having a one night stand with Pia in 1984, although in the aftermath of his death Omer denied Michael was his dad.