Lindsay Lohan 'named' in divorce papers of British heiress

(Daily Mail)
Updated: 2007-09-24 21:51

Tony Allen, whitewater rafting with Lindsay Lohan as part of an activity organised by their rehab centre, has described the actress as 'my friend'

Stephanie's lawyers chose the magazine article to support her case for divorce because it quotes an onlooker as saying: "They looked very cute together. You could definitely tell from watching them that there was something going on. It was very apparent they were a couple."

Another insider reportedly told the magazine: "He's an artist, so he and Lindsay could relate. No-one else in rehab at the time was in the entertainment industry, so I think that's how they started talking, and they bonded that way.

"They were bound to get close it just happens, especially when two people have so much in common."

The source went on to say Tony had left rehab but intended to stay in contact with Lohan who is still in the drugs clinic.

The papers reveal that Stephanie wed Tony on December 18, 2004, and lived together as "husband and wife" until August 24 this year in their 850,000pnds home near Savannah, Georgia. They started "living in a bona fide state of separation" about a month ago, according to the documents.

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