Angelina Jolie to adopt a baby from Burma

(Daily Mail)
Updated: 2007-09-24 09:30

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt want to expand their "rainbow" family by adopting a child from Burma.

The couple have enlisted the help of one of the country's leading monks to plan a trip to an orphanage.

According to an insider, Angelina, 32, has become "increasingly despondent" about the progress she is making in helping the Third World.

Mother love: Angelina has already adopted children from Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam

She is said to be desperate to offer help to troubled nations, and feels the repressive Republic of Myanmar, or Burma, is the ideal place to adopt another child – preferably, a girl.

The actress already has four children. She adopted eldest son Maddox, six, from Cambodia five years ago, prior to her relationship with Pitt. Two years ago she and Pitt, 43, adopted an Ethiopian girl, Zahara.

Earlier this year the couple adopted Pax Thien, three, from Vietnam and last year Angelina gave birth to their daughter Shiloh.

The source said: "Angelina feels she is barely making a dent in the suffering she sees throughout the Third World as she travels incognito to different countries as a United Nations representative.

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