Kirsten Dunst burgled!

(Reuters )
Updated: 2007-08-26 16:43

Aside from the big-ticket Balenciaga purse—by far the most expensive item stolen—a Marc Jacobs handbag, several wallets, an iPod and two digital cameras were also swiped.

Authorities eventually recovered a small portion of the missing items, but Dunst was forced to cancel her credit cards to thwart any identity theft.

According to the New York Post, Beinerman, a union plumber based in Brooklyn, has a fairly lengthy rap sheet, including multiple arrests and two federal drug convictions in the late 1990s for his role in a cocaine ring. He served a three-year stint in prison and was released in 2001.

Beinerman was busted in Brooklyn last February on heroin charges. He posted $5,000 bail and was released, but the latest transgression means he's now facing upward of 25 years.

Neither Dunst's publicist nor Beinerman's attorney, James Kirshner, was immediately available to comment on the incident.

However, the lawyer laid out for the court on Wednesday exactly what his client was doing at the hotel so early in the morning.

"He tells me they were filming a movie that day [at the hotel]. That's why he was there. He went there to check what was going on," said Kirshner, adding that Beinerman didn't appear to be carrying the loot with him.

After she wraps How to Lose Friends, a comedy satirizing the New York celebrity scene that's based on the memoir by Toby Young, Dunst will segue to Sweet Relief, a film inspired by the true story of Marla Ruzicka, a young aid worker who was killed in Iraq.

Aside from Spider-Man 3, Dunst's most recent credits include Marie Antoinette and Elizabethtown.

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