Britney Spears not ready to make nice

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Updated: 2007-07-03 09:41

Los Angeles - Independence Day is taking on a whole new meaning for Britney Spears this year.

In the wake of a well-publicized falling out with her mother, Lynne, the tarnished pop princess seems to have little interest in mending their relationship.

Britney Spears, seen here in 2006, claims to be "concerned" about her mom.[Reuters]

Sources have speculated that the mother-daughter feud began after Britney blamed Lynne for forcing her into rehab against her will back in February.

Perhaps as a means of retaliation, Britney has now claimed to be "really concerned" about Lynne, while hinting that her mother could possibly use some treatment herself.

"I'm praying for her right now," Britney told a crowd of photographers trailing her on Sunday. "I hope she gets all the help she needs."

Her latest comments came after she was deliberately photographed last week delivering paperwork to a dejected-looking Lynne outside a trailer in Valencia, California.

According to, the document in question was a letter from an out-of-state attorney warning Lynne to stay away from her grandsons Sean Preston, 1, and Jayden James, 9 months, if she's taking any medication that could impair her judgment.

Despite the apparent bad blood, Lynne isn't giving up hope for reconciliation just yet.

"Everything is going to be fine," she told People on Sunday. "I've got a strong family and everything is going to be fine."

She was even optimistic that Britney might decide to join her family in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana for a Fourth of July gathering.

However, after spending the weekend club-hopping with her girlfriends, Britney did not seem inclined to hop a plane for any Spears clan cookouts in the near future.

"I like it here," she told photographers Sunday.

But angry though she may be, Britney hasn't entirely ruled out making up with her mom at some point.

"In time, who knows what will happen?" she said.

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