Ex-president Menem's wife in topless pics

2007-05-18 19:48
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SANTIAGO - Chilean former Miss Universe Cecilia Bolocco, wife to Argentine former president Carlos Menem, has been raising eyebrows since a local magazine published pictures of her sunbathing topless with a male friend.

Ex-president Menem's wife in topless pics

A man peeps at a magazine with photographs of former chilean Miss Universe and present TV host
Cecilia Bolocco in Santiago, 10 May 2007. [AFP]

Bolocco, the 1987 Miss Universe and host of a popular TV reality show in Chile, was photographed sunbathing topless at her Miami home along with a man identified as Italian businessman Luciano Marocchino.

Both Bolocco, 41, and Marocchino, 53, who represents the Miss Universe organization in New York, denied to reporters any romantic relationship.

Alejandra Valle, who edits SPQ, the magazine that ran the photos, said that Bolocco called to say she was worried about the effect the pictures would have on her family.

"I'm afraid that Carlitos will suffer a heart attack," Bolocco said, referring to her husband, according to Valle.

The photographer who snapped the pictures, Angel Mora, has not released even more explicit pictures he has of Bolocco, according to the daily La Tercera.

Bolocco and Menem, 76, married in May 2001 in Argentina, and have a three year-old son. The two however have lived apart for the past two years.

In Buenos Aires, Menem acknowledged that the couple did not live together.

"There is no legal separation," Menem told reporters, "but we are separated because life together has become somewhat impossible."