Pamela Anderson wears her Baywatch swimsuit once again

(Daily Mail)
Updated: 2007-04-26 22:32

Pamela Anderson has revived her trademark skimpy red swimsuit for a new television commercial - but this time there is cellulite.

The former Baywatch star, who turns 40 in July, dusted off the outfit more than fifteen years after she debuted the look for her role as CJ Parker.

However, shots of Anderson back on the beach reveal a few telltale signs that she's no longer in her former glory.

Glimpses of cellulite and wrinkles proved that the former bombshell is human after all, and despite her famous breast implants, gravity has clearly still taken its toll on.

Pamela Anderson wears her Baywatch swimsuit once again

She divorced Kid Rock in November after less than four months of marriage.

However she is still on good terms with her other ex husband Tommy Lee, whom she divorced in 1998.

The pair have two children together, Brandon, 10, and Dylan Jagger, 9.

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