Father kills himself chiding Andy Lau's indifference to his daughter

By Vivien Wang
2007-03-29 17:01
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Leaving a twelve page letter to daughter's idol Andy Lau, Yang Qingji ended his 68 years long life in Hong Kong on March 26 after his daughter attends an activity with her idol Andy Lau.

Father kills himself chiding Andy Lau's indifference to his daughter

Yang Li-juan (R) finally got the chance to meet Hong Kong star Andy Lau. [Xmnext.com]

Yang's daughter Yang Lijuan is a 28-year-old girl from northwestern China's Gansu province. After the first time she dreamed of Andy 13 years ago, she became a huge fan of him. Since then, she quitted school and spent all the time thinking of her idol. All she wants is to meet Andy Lau and tell him how she loves him.

To support daughter's dream, Yang Qingji and his wife spent up every penny of their savings. They sold the only house they had in Lanzhou City. Yang even decided to sell one of his kidneys to a local hospital, but he was refused because it's illegal. However, they never had chance to meet or talk to Andy. Several days ago, the family entered Hong Kong for the third time. With the help of Andy's fans club, Yang Lijuan finally had an opportunity to attend Andy's birthday activity with hundreds of his fans on March 25. To her disappointment, she only got few minutes to take picture with Andy instead of having a conversation with him. Her life long dream did not come true.

Being unacceptable to this result, Yang Qingji wrote a letter blaming Andy's coldness to his daughter and drowned himself in despair after daughter and wife fell in sleep. In his letter, he thought it was Andy's responsibility to arrange a private meet with his daughter, even for five minutes.

Yang Lijuan and her mother were in deep sorrow after Yang's death. Yang Lijuan showed her regret of loving Andy Lau for so many years to reporters. But she still insisted that Andy should meet her again, otherwise her father's death was meaningless. She took Andy as the root cause of her father's death. Although critics think the deficiency of courage to face the reality after fulfilling years' dream is the real reason of the tragedy.

Andy Lau responds through his agency on March 28 that he has fulfilled Miss Yang's hope of meeting on the birthday activity. Feeling astonished and disappointed, he hopes Miss Yang can go back to hometown and start her own life. He refuses to meet her any more.

Leaving father's dead body in Hong Kong, Yang Lijuan and her mother went back to Lanzhou on March 28 without .making it clear what to do next.