Drew Barrymore: No flash for Letterman

Updated: 2007-02-14 10:56

David Letterman can't forget the night Drew Barrymore flashed him nearly 12 years ago. In a "Late Show" appearance in 1995, the actress famously danced on Letterman's desk for his birthday and briefly bared her breasts with her back to the camera.

Letterman reminded her of this when they chatted on Monday's CBS late-night talk show, saying, "You've got a birthday coming up. ... You know, I've got a birthday coming up as well."

"I remember celebrating your birthday one year," said Barrymore, who turns 32 on Feb. 22.

"That was great," replied Letterman, who will be 60 on April 12. "Now is there a chance that you might do anything like that again?"

Barrymore said that's not likely.

"Turning 32, I think I'm not a different person 'cause I'm certainly, you know, as wild and free-spirited as ever, but I'm just really glad I had that opportunity and got that out of my system, because I'm not so sure if ..."

"... You don't think you'd do it now is what you're saying," Letterman said.

A seemingly wistful Letterman thanked Barrymore for the water cooler moment.

"I'm very grateful for the opportunity. It was lovely," he said. "And it's still something I think about and talk about and tell my friends."

Barrymore stars in the new romantic comedy "Music and Lyrics," a Warner Bros. Picture release.

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