Hilton: 'Lohan and I are good pals'

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2006-10-19 11:42
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Hilton: 'Lohan and I are good pals'Socialite Paris Hilton has reconciled with former foe Lindsay Lohan, just a week after reuniting with ex-best friend Nicole Richie.

The Simple Life reality TV stars stunned the media on October 8th when they started talking after a 21-month feud, and last weekend the hotel heiress decided to make peace with singer/actress Lohan.

Hilton and Lohan fell out in October 2005, when the socialite began dating Stavros Niarchos III, the ex-boyfriend of mutual friend Mary-Kate Olsen. Lohan released a statement at the time, saying, "Lindsay is very good friends with Mary-Kate, and she is appalled that Paris is dating Stavros."

The party girls embarked on a high-profile media battle, which included Lohan accusing Hilton of hacking into her voicemail, telling Elle magazine, "I started getting prank calls from them (Hilton and Brandon Davis) on my voicemail... Obviously, she's very comfortable making videos," referring to the hotel heiress' infamous 1 Night In Paris.

However, Hilton and Lohan reconciled in Las Vegas, where they stayed together at the Palms Hotel and gambled until the early hours of the morning.

Hilton tells LuxeLife, "Lindsay and I were sitting around in LA with no plans and no dates so we decided to just come to Vegas and party."

"Lindsay and I are good friends and we both are single, solo and love Vegas, so why not on the spur of the moment just fly in?"

Lohan adds, "We're here for fun and we're going to enjoy it."