Aguilera goes global
Updated: 2006-07-15 19:53


The blonde bombshell shows off her samba skills on the beach in Brazil. "I had a great time," she said afterwards(getty images)

In a new international spot for Pepsi, Christina Aguilera travels around the world in 60 seconds. Donning costumes ranging from a dancer in Rio to an Indian princess, the former Coca-Cola spokesperson shakes it to the tune "Here to Stay," from her new album "Back to Basics." Through the promotion, the song will be available for download on mobile phones.

For the former "Dirrrty" girl, stepping into all the different costumes was an exciting experience and she cited a Geisha get-up as her favorite. "I think the one that got me and all my crew really excited was the Japanese set ... I have such a huge love for Japan, I lived there from ages three to six when I was younger and I just had such a past for this," according to tmz.com.

The ad premieres worldwide on July 14 though there are no plans for it to air in the US.
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