Angelina Jolie asks Prince Charles for help
Updated: 2006-05-09 11:44

Crusading actress Angelina Jolie is so concerned about the crisis in the troubled African country of Sudan, she is enlisting the help of Prince Charles.

Jolie, who is about to give birth to her first biological child in Namibia, has already appealed to high-profile figures such as former South African President Nelson Mandela and Hollywood star George Clooney to raise awareness of the desperate situation.

And now the Tomb Raider actress, who met the Prince at a charity function last year, and has been appealing to him for help to bring peace to the region.

A friend tells The Daily Express newspaper, "Angie has been in touch with the Prince several times by phone in the past year about the situation. He has shown great concern over what is going on and promised to do what he can.

"Charles knows how passionate she is about the issues that seem to have slipped the attention of most, having met her last year at a UN Children's Fund function.

"He was apparently very impressed by Angie's drive, her compassion for the less fortunate and her honest desire to do something about the problem."


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