China automaker Geely inaugurates assembly line in Russia
2010-Jan-18 10:38:58

An assembly line of Chinese automaker Geely was officially launched in Russia's Caucasus republic of Karachay-Cherkessia, local media reported Saturday.

Russian car company Derways has started body welding and other assembling work of Geely-brand vehicles on Friday, according to Russian state TV channel Russia-24.

Some 1,100 units were expected to be produced by the end of February, the first batch of which will be delivered to Moscow by January 20. The annual production of Geely will be no lower than 12, 000 units.

Besides Geely, Derways was also scheduled to manufacture for other Chinese brands such as Li Fan, Great Wall Motors, Chery and Haima. The total annual output of the Derways company was estimated to reach 100,000 units.

Local residents could enjoy price discounts when purchasing these cars, according to the company, which also foresees a great demand of Chinese vehicles on Russian market.

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