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Why is milk white? Notes:
Those chalky-whitemustachesthat color our lips after chuggingWhy is milk white?down a refreshing ice-cold glass of creamy milk is caused by the protein calledCasein.

Rich incalcium, Casein helps contribute to milk's white color.

In addition, the cream that is found in milk contains white colored fat. The more cream in milk the more white it is.

Low andnon-fat milkappear more grayish rather than white because they contain less cream.

Another reason milk looks white to our naked eyes is because some objects do not absorb very much light. Rather than absorb light, these objects reflect light. For instance, red colored objects reflect only red light and absorb the other colors of light in the rainbowspectrum. Themoleculesthat make up Casein and cream reflect light. That's why milk is white.

mustaches: 胡子





non-fat milk:脱脂牛奶




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