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请先看个句子,"A dyed-in-the-wool Li Yuchun's fan would not dream of changing his allegiance to another team." 你若是地地道道的"玉米",一定能猜出句中dyed in the wool的涵意。Dyed in the wool在这里相当于thoroughgoing/complete(彻头彻尾的,十足的)。

这个词组最早出现于16世纪,dyed来源于动词dye(染色),最初,人们用dyed in the wool来形容"生染毛织品的一种方法",即the process of dying sheep wool before it was woven into cloth(加工羊毛之前就把原毛染色)。据说,这种染色法在原毛制成其它毛织品后更不容易褪色。

现代,人们更常用它的比喻意,既然毛色在毛织品出现之前就已成色且不容易脱褪,那形容某人"憎恶爱好它物的程度至深",完全可以用dyed in the wool来形容,其内涵和汉语中的"根深蒂固"很相像。


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