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First Postage Stamp  
What was the first prepaid, adhesive postage stamp? Notes:

Philatelistsdescribeprepaid postagetokensdating as far back as1653. These included printed paper letter wrappers, special "postal paper" endorsed with ink stamps, and even black feathers embedded in wax seals, but none of these early tokens were adhesive paper stamps.

The first knownadhesive paper stampswere printed in Greece in 1831, but they were probably not used for prepaid postage. These 40-lepta denominated stamps may have been charity receipts for a fund supporting Greek refugees fromCrete, although some collectors believe they were postage due labels.

The earliestdocumented, prepaid adhesive postage stamps were England's "Penny Black" stamps, designed by Rowland Hill andbrought into servicein 1840. Millions were printed and used, and many are in collections today. Within three years, similar adhesive stamps were used in Brazil, and soon they were in use worldwide.

Philatelists: postage stamp collectors集邮家

prepaid postage: 预付邮资

date back to…: 可以追溯到......时候

adhesive paper stamps: 可粘贴的纸邮票

Crete: 克利特岛(位于地中海东部,属希腊)

documented: 有资料记录的

bring into service
: 投入使用, 投入运作, 投入生产

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