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Driven from Within

Driven from Within  

Author:Michael Jordan, Tinker Hatfield  

List Price:$35.00

Pages: 208

Publisher:Atria (October 24, 2005)

Dimensions: 10.3 x 8.1 x 1.0 inches


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Michael Jordan was, of course, the greatest. But imagine if he hadn't been so lucky as to have such a nicely shaped head. Without the genius-level move of shaving it, premature baldness may have dealt a real blow to his self-esteem at a crucial point early in his career. Look at Lew Alcindor's bald spot. Only Magic could rescue him. Or consider Clyde Drexler. Who knows if MJ would've gone on to win all those championships if he'd had to play with such a stigma. (On the other end of the spectrum, MJ's shaved head may have prevented him from being honest with himself about his age when he decided to return to basketball with the Washington Wizards.) . . . The sad reality is that there are many of us who can't just go ahead and shave our heads to hide our baldness: we'd look ridiculous. And toupees don't work either--as anyone who's read Russell David Harper's insubordinate rant called "Bald" would know.

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