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Film fest brings comedies from Australia
(China Daily)
Updated: 2005-12-02 13:09

Following the successful Kingold Australian Film Festival last year in Guangzhou, the Australian Consulate-General Guangzhou will hold another film feast on the consecutive weekends of December 2-4 and 9-11 in the southern Chinese city.

Entitled "The Waratah Australian Film Festival," this year's event will focus on comedies.

"There is something for everyone in this year's selection," said Christopher Green, vice-consul to Australian Consulate-General in Guangzhou.

According to Green, the festival will feature 10 recent Australian films, including "Crackerjack," "Gettin's Square," "Japanese Story," "Mullet," "My Mother Frank," "Rabbit Proof Fence," "Swimming Upstream" and "The Bank, the Extra and Three Dollars."

Green is confident about the success of this year's event since several of the movies, "Rabbit Proof Fence," "Japanese Story" and "Swimming Upstream," have won prizes in Australia and other countries

"We are sure that Guangzhou residents will enjoy these films. I hope this festival will lead to many more Australian films being enjoyed on cinema screens throughout China," Green said.

Early in November, Australian film festivals were held in Beijing and Shanghai and received wide acclaim, Green said.

Garry McDonald and Roy Billing, two film celebrities in Australia, will be in Guangzhou to celebrate the opening of the film festival.

"Australia has a vibrant and innovative film industry that has made a significant contribution to world cinema," Green said.

Since 1905 when "The Story of the Kelly Gang," the first Australian film and the world's first story film, was produced, Australian films have been regarded as a major force in the international film industry.

Australian excellence in post-production and visual and special effects has been recognized by filmmakers around the world, Green said.

In addition, Australia is not only known for its acting talent exports and film post-production, but also has been a successful training ground for internationally-renowned directors and cinematographers.

Prior to the film festival, the Australian-Chinese Film and Television Studies Symposium was held in Guangzhou November 21-22, to provide information on movie making and the Australian film industry for Chinese students.

In conjunction with the festival, the Australian Lifestyle Expo also will open in Guangzhou and Jiangmen to showcase Australian food, wine and other products.

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