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Season of Bright
( Beijing Weekend)
Updated: 2005-04-14 10:56

Season of BrightTo display intellectual beauty, Naivee, a Shanghai-based Chinese fashion brand has released this months's spring collection in Beijing.

Metropolitan women who are between the ages of 25 to 40, most of them white-collar workers, have a unique state of mind and vision in their lives. They are positive, confident and independent, having stable resources and a high sense of what is modern.

Being young at heart and a high taste for quality living, they love life, trust their own vision, and never blindly follow the trends.

The brand tries to express the beauty of this group of women with artistic views in its new collections.

More and more metropolitan people yearn to live in a natural, simple life style, as the pace of Chinese people in society has become faster, and people's state of mind has become more and more anxious and strenuous. Compared to the younger generation who chase after trends, these mature women tend to choose some special kind of intellectual beauty, believing in their own judgment and choosing which they think best suit them.

The spring/summer fashions designed by Naivee for the office are smart and feminine and have soft stretching fabrics. Layers of grey colours are applied, complimented with other brilliant bright colours.

In those casual, leisurely occasions, they are encouraged to wear bright colours, fresh as the air, fitting their neo-romantic moods and their free, relaxed spirits and vitality.

Individuality is revealed in colours of fresh green and floral pink, and in patterns of flowers, stripes, as well as all kinds of lines and abstract shapes, which all get poured on the beige background.

The trendy green is the mainstream colour of the spring/summer season. Except that particular green colour, complementary colours are of bright yellowy-green and hefty deep green. Designers suggest wearers to try other ever-bolder colours, because it is claimed that thick, bright colours are one of the impressive characteristics of this season.

For fabrics, green, clean materials are used, such as bamboo-extracted fibres mixed with cotton, and that silk and wool being interwoven.

Besides releasing this season's trends for intellectual beauties, the brand has also launched an intellectual beauty pageant activity since mid-March, welcoming the participation of metropolitan women. The final contest is to be held in October in Shanghai.

New collections of the brand are to be found in its counters in Sogo Shopping Centre in Xuanwumen, and Juntai Department Store in Xidan, and other shopping malls.

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