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  Croatia's men's handball team crawl on the court after their semi-final win against Hungary at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games August 27, 2004. From L-R, Igor Vori, Niksa Kaleb, Ivano Balic, and goalkeeper Vlado Sola crawl on their knees after they defeated Hungary 33 -31. [Reuters] [Reuters]

·Bush criticised for hijacking Olympics
·Olympics leave Greece with hefty debt
·100m heat
·Athens Olympics breaks insurance record
·Dashing the finish line
·American hits wrong target, loses gold medal
·Wang Hao beats Wang Liqin to enter into final
·Water polo
·Bahrain woman in 100m event
·Moments of unforgettable Olympics
Track cycling
Women's freestyle wrestling
Long jump

·Coach hits athlete, gets expelled
·Spectator stand for two
·Entertaining beach volleyball
·Luo Xuejuan wins 100m breaststroke golds
·China lost to Spain 75-67
·Diving champion bags big prize money
·Spectators feel the heat as Athens Games fire up
·Scenic venue could be frightening sight for rowers on race day
·For some, the road to Athens is lined with land mines
·Real 'cool' gear fights off heat



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